INSTY – Chef Alfredo Gonzalez

Chef Alfredo Gonzalez from Ta Ta Cuban Cafe is in the studio to cook up some amazing Cuban food and share a little culture.
>>> always beautiful, always by design. that’s our kitchen thanks to kitchens by design. always good to start the monday in the kitchen. >> that’s right. and today we are giving alfredo gonzalez of tata cuban cafe the green light. >> absolutely. >> good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> oh, well. >> good, how are you? >> get that stove for you? >> yeah, yeah. >> that’s new school. some of your recipes are old school. what do you have for us today? >> i’m going to do a chicken. it’s going to be tata chicken. my own recipe. >> okay. so i’ll share it with you guys. it’s right there, going to have chicken right here, so you use the chicken breast. we’ve got to cut the chicken to make it in small pieces like this. >> all right. >> okay. >> so, going to have olive oil here. so put it in the pan. >> there we go. what kind of oil? >> olive oil. >> okay, all right. >> the chicken for a li



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