INSTY- Cheesecake

Cheesecake from the Rudy Sweets!
>> hi. i’m thrilled to have you. >> i’m tracy. >> i’m andi. >> mini cheesecakes, why are we going with mini as opposed to full on size. >> what was wrong with full on size. >> sometimes when you’re at the restaurant you may be fill, if you want cheesecake, you may not want a whole piece. >> if it’s done right, that should be all you necessarily need. >> that’s all you need. full of chocolate and caramel and brownies, and that’s all you need is a bite. >> or two. >> a two-biter for some of us. >> how did you get started in the business? >> i started september it will be four years i’ve been in business. i started off in the city market, and now i moved to the south side and now i’m moving downtown to the circle centre mall. >> oh, very cool. >> i started off with my grandmother’s sweet potato pies. i make sweet potato pies and i do desserts as a gift. cheesecakes are my number one seller.



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