INSTY – Caramelized Onion And Citrus Snack Mix

Annessa prepares a couple dishes great for a New Year’s Eve.
i am making a healthy appetizer. >> well, i knew it would be healthy. >> well, of course. caramelized onion and brie cup. >> do these need to be stired? >> i’m not paying you for stirring. >> i understand. >> so anyway, onion, caramelized. it will behalf way there. let’s turn it up a little bit for me. i am going to add — >> what? >> i’m ordering you around. by the way, you are like, unique home solution superman. sometimes if i wonder if i go to your house, it will be filled with all of the things you do. >> it is, things i plan on doing. eventually get there. >> the pantyhose with the salt on the roof. >> yeah. well, no. i was, i am the guy still — it is do as i say not as i do. you would, if you drove by my house on sunday, you would have seen me on a ladder with a hatch hatchet. drive-by, find out how not to do it and watch indy style, watch solution, how should it be done? >> i ha



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