INSTY: Cancer Fighting Foods

Annessa Chumbley talks about the top 5 cancer fighting food, and makes a tasty smoothie.
>> our kitchen is provided by kitchens by design, always beautiful, always by design. >> thanks for coming back. >> thank for being here. >> we’re going to fight cancer? >> we’re going to fight cancer. all about the top five cancer-fighting foods. >> okay. >> studies have shown that at least a third of all cancers are related directly to what we eat. we were talking about that last time. most of us, all we need to hear is the word cancer and it scares us. my father used to be the kind of man no to could stop at the gas station and get a snickers bar and a diet coke and pretend they canceled each other out. >> reward points though. >> no, no. here we have some nice healthy green stuff. >> yes. >> yeah. >> we’re going to make it and show you how good this stuff can taste. >> i see that. a broccoli shake. >> broccoli. >> cabbage and broccoli are members of the cruciferous family. i remember



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