INSTY: Brisket

Jason Kocher from Dick’s Bodacious Barbecue makes a beef brisket on the show and how it is prepared.
>> our beautiful kitchen is brought you by kitchens by design. and joined us is jason from dick’s bodacious barbecue. this is what you bring to our show. >> got to bring the knives to have some barbecue. >> dick’s bodacious barbecue has a fabulous reputation. i’m guessing some of it starts with, a lot of it starts with before it even goes close to the smoker. >> the preparation, it’s all about the preparation, smoke as well. but thought we might, we might feature our beef briskit today, and start out with the rub preparation. for those of you that don’t know, the rub is the seasoning blend that we are going to put on the briskit before we smoke it or before you folks at home put it in the oven. >> okay. >> what do we need to do to get started? >> chili powder, a half cup. mix them in the bowl here. and you know, your measurements are not exact. we are not baking a cake. we are just putti



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