Boomer promotes the new Dunkin Doughnuts in Conseco.
he’s up to today, tomorrow, and the next several weeks. we’ll get started right now. we have a special guest. >> andi: this s animals everywhere. >> tracy: and boomer. >> andi: boomer, hey boomer, wow! >> tracy: look at that. >> tracy: boomer donuts. >> andi: and he’s bringing these for– >> tracy: there is a new dunkin’ donuts store. >> andi: awesome. >> tracy: and it kicks off today. >> andi: you must ue the same thing on your whiskers that tracy uses on his hair. >> tracy: he could use a little bit of my gel. i know they oen today. so you can get your caffeine, your donut fix, and he’s got stuff in there. all right. you open that up. >> andi: okay, thanks, boomer. >> tracy: they’re going to have–those are cool. players and coaches are showing up. there are gift cards being given out. >> andi: a big day. head out there. i wonder how late it’s going. >> tracy: know the store is open 5:



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