INSTY – Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell Ice cream makes it’s debut in Indianapolis!
always beautiful, always by design. >> special guests. very special guest who brought special things. david is here, he’s the manager for blue bell and kayla is the one on the left. thanks for coming. i’ve heard of it. never had i. is it new to indianapolis? >> it’s new to indianapolis as of monday. >> that’s new. >> brand-new. >> we’re from brenham, texas. we’ve been around for 103 years. >> fabulous. start off with a small like — >> started making butter in 1907 and use the excess cream to make ice cream at a rate of two gallons per day. now we’re making a lot more than that. >> currently you’re in 19 states. >> 19 states. covering about 26% of the country right now. >> trying to spread rapidly or slowly carefully? >> it depends. we take it market by market. we went into louisville a couple years ago and this seemed like the next step for us. we’re happy to be here. >> we’re happy to



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