INSTY-Bill Kelsay

Bill talks about hogs and their importance to Indiana.
>> it has to do with the theme of the fair this year, the year of the pig. >> say your title again. it’s important but it’s long. >> i am the director of the indiana state department of agriculture. >> teresa is back with the japan america — >> japan america society of america. glad to be back. >> we are going to get a shot at seeing serious japanese cultural action. there’s a lot of pork action when it comes to indiana and japan. i don’t think people realize that. we are the ones eating it. >> indiana is fifth in the nation in pork production. it’s an important industry to us. it’s why the state fair was kind to feature the year of the pigs here at the state fair. broader than that, 20% of all pork produces in indiana ends up overseas. the biggest trade partner is japan. the bridges to japan, it’s a great trade partner for agriculture in pork, but a trade partner with japan and their i



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