INSTY – Beth Clayton’s Final Appearence

Beth Clayton from Indianapolis Monthly is in for her final visit to talk about the latest restaurants opening around town.
>> keep drinking it. >> i will keep drinking this stuff. i feel better already. >> come back. >> and, it is not going to give me emotional boost. i could use one because beth is leaving us one. maybe i’ll peck a fight with her. you talk to her. >> well, it is good — obviously we are going to miss you here at indy style. >> so much. thank you. because you become such a part of the show. you are leaving for a great reason. >> i am. i am. i am getting married and my fiance got a job in california. so off we go! >> oh, well. ta ta. that is how it goes. >> congratulations. >> you’ll be missed. doesn’t mean we can’t keep in touch. >> doesn’t mean i can’t come and visit. >> you can. you can. >> right. you are already going to new york. such a great show for you. >> i was telling my fiance last night, you know, this is really love because i am leaving the best job in the world for you. >> ah! w



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