INSTY: Best Outdoor Restaurants

Beth Clayton, editor of The Dish talks about the best places to eat outside in Indianapolis
?? >> tracy! >> we did that during the commercial break. all we were missing was daffodils in a field as we ran toward each other. it’s good to have beth here. >> thank you. good to be here. >> you do a lot of the leg and teeth and mouth work for us, so when we get the opportunity to go out you sift through and write things for us. >> it’s a tough job. one thing that can make a great meal even better or worse is having a view. >> yes. >> in certain cases people think maybe indianapolis is compromised because it’s not a great lakes state. kind of a little bit to the noh, but where we are — >> we’ll claim it, but it’s a stretch. >> there are restaurants and it’s a bit of a challenge to establish a view. they try, but some do it really well. >> absolutely. in the summertime, everybody wants to sit outside, sit on the water and watch the ducks. very pleasant. >> not back by the dumpster. >>



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