INSTY – Best Ice Cream

Beth Clayton from “Indianapolis Monthly” is in to talk about the best grocery store ice cream.
we’re going to whisper for ice cream. come on in. >> come on, beth. >> do i need to get between you two? >> are you kidding? i want to be close to the ice cream. >> great, great egreat. >> good to see you guys. >> i brought flavor this is time. there’s plenty of left overs. >> annessa is here. are you going to let us haveqq%ñ ice after the ice cream. >> one thing we try to do on “indy style” is listen to the people, the populous. you do that by finding out people’s favorites. >> we do. it’s recuring. it’s the intern taste test. we have so many interns and they like to be fed. it keeps them happy. >> sounds oddly familiar. >> this summer, i think we had a dozen interns. we found ten different kinds of grocery store ice creams. they were limited to berry flavor to have a control factor. we limited it to high end or premium ice cream. >> oh, yeah. just the good stuff. >> just the good stuf



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