INSTY – Best Chocolate In Town

Elizabeth Garber is in to talk about chocolate, and show a recipe that can add a little fun to your next book club.
>>> all right. so we are here with the indianas humanities council to give us good tips on how to spice up your book club. we’ve got some of the books featured here. joining me is elizabeth garver who is the owner of best chocolate in town. >> a bold statement. >> my new best friend. >> it’s true. >> and actually, in some of these books, one in particular, you are featured in. >> yeah, i’m featured — i’m acknowledged because when this woman was looking for ideas, i met her at eight. she was doing a book signing, and since it was about chocolate, i attended. she was trying to come up with an idea for my next book. i said well, we actually had a meltdown in our shop one time and it would be great to talk about the importance of the air conditioning, which right now — an actual meltdown of chocolate. >> i had a meltdown — >> a long time ago. >> but inspired her idea. and it’s a fun book.



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