INSTY: Berry Salad W/ Goat Cheese & Wahoo W/ Mango Chutney

Chef Dwight Simmons from KissZCook prepares today’s dishes
>>> i’m fired up for a tuesday. >> we have had too much coffee. >> the gospel choir is what you will hear in a little bit and chef dwight is here. >> from kiss z cook! >> there we go. >> can’t start my day better than that. you want me — >> at my station. put us to work. >> what we’re doing today, we’re going to do a berry salad with goat cheese — like an herb crusted goat cheese and blueberry vinaigrette. i’ll have you working on the dressing and cutting berries. i’ll have you work on the goat cheese. i want you to cut some herbs here. we have a little bit of everything. we have fresh parsley, chives, t thyme. with the thyme, pick the leaves off the stems there. then we’re going to chop it. this is what i’m looking for. >> i can handle that. >> we’re going to make a dressing. >> oh, great. >> i want two teaspoons of chopped shallot there. >> okay. >> we’ll get blueberries here. >> awo



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