INSTY – Beer Preview

Bill Lancton from the Indy Jazz Foundation and Ted Miller from Brugge Brassierie talk about their upcoming events.
>> a 60 minute show, but we are here with bill and ted and we are having fun with the food and jazz. but we want to talk about the foundation. >> absolutely. what can i tell you? the foundation has been around for 15 years. the mission is to preserve the legacy and promote the future of jazz in indianapolis. we do that by providing scholarships for kids that maybe want to go to music school and can’t afford to go. a couple of years ago, david ali and the jazzfest people asked if we would be interested in partnering up and we looked at that as a gat opportunity for getting our name out and getting our people out to do. we hooked up. >> people are trying to relive this experience. >> is there a website that we can link to? >> yes, it is indianapolis, indyjazzfoundation.org. >> okay we’ll make sure we link up to that. >> and the brewerys asked us to participate so that is the pub. >> and th



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