INSTY- BBQ Recipe Contest

Kim Ingie wins second place in the BBQ Recipe Contest
>>> “indy style” continues all week live at the indiana state fair. when you think fair, you think food. you think contests. we have with us, a top honor winner in the kc masterpiece, kim eagle. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. >> what’s the name of the recipe? >> beef ole mexican casserole. >> are you a barbecue sauce expert? how did you come to have this recipe? >> i knew to be in the contest, i had to use at least a half cup of kc barbecue sauce. i looked in my cupboard, pulled everything out. i decided we have a mexican theme happening. >> what do we need to do first? >> i have browned up a pound of hamburger. >> okay. >> after i drain the grease, i will add a half chopped onion. add that in. >> it’s while the ground beef i on a low simmer? >> right. it’s on a low simmer. we will saute this together. i’ll put the lid back on so the flavors have a chance to marry togeth



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