INSTY – Ball And Biscuit

Ball & Biscuit’s Zack Wilks and Chef Brad Gates create fashionable hors d’oeuvre for Midwest Fashion week
>>> indy. >> in the kitchen. oh, man, thank you for havings. >> yes. what have you been doing? . >> always busy. >> in the oven. he is a maniac back there. a few appetizer force you. >> i am going to tell you, nolan is doing something here. when brad is working the kitchen pot stickers together, brad is doing. he is doing that. we brought a little bit of everything we do. just kind of give you guys an idea. give the home viewers some ideas of some stuff that they can do for fashion week at home, too. >> exactly. >> food. >> fashion meets food. food meets fashion, for midwest fashion week. cool thing about this, is you guys had, i can’t remember that much buzz about something that far in advance of something opening. usually a week before or week after, you guys were established as cool before even the opening. >> every time i picked up a paper a year before we opened, we were in the pape



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