INSTY- Baking For A Cure

the 3rd placed winner of Baked for a Cure makes Cheese Stuffed Focaccia Bread.
that’s right. >> we need an intern. >> where are they. >> here is what we discovered. people bake for a lot of different reasons. when they want tickets to see keith urban. today, you have eileen and you are baking for a cure. >> correct. >> you need a mic, sorry. >> my recipe was cheese bread. >> fleishman’s was a requirement. >> there requirement as to how much to use. just the yeast. the whole idea was for every entry, money was contributed to the susan coleman race to the cure. >> in a matter of speaking, everyone won. >> i won third place. yeah. yeah, i did. >> what do you need to get started? >> a cup and a half of water. >> intern. we weren’t kidding. >> there’s a cup and a half of water. >> had it been monday, we wouldn’t have done it. this is usually what my kids do for me. it’s a real simple recipe. everything is placed in one bowl. you have three and a half cups of flour. >> o



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