INSTY- Baker’s Edge

The creators of Baker’s Edge join us on Indy Style!
>>> well, you may not know the names, matthew and emily griffin, but you may know the name of one of the products, one of their eureka moments they had. they are the makers of this. the edge brownie pan. we have been getting rock star reaction, as much to the product as to you guys, but we thank you for coming in. i know you told the story a million times. was there a eureka moment or how did this happen? >> it didn’t – it took a little while. i guess about ten years ago the eureka moment was i had a really bad day job. mixed a little boredom and the idea i should invent something to start my own company or own business. while thinking that i was eating a brownie and realized the corner was like the best brownie in the pan. so redesigning the pan, make them all corners, a pretty cool idea. >> and in the process it sounds like overnight success because a lot of the people know of the prod



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