INSTY – Annessa’s Healthy French Fries

Annessa shows Andi how to make healthy french fries and they try the healthy chicken nuggets.
>>> back in the kitchen, trying to get our minds back together after that. >> i’m still in doubt. >> he said pick a number that’s significant to you. you picked 34. what is that about? >> it’s the age of somebody important in my life. i’m not saying too much. >> never mind. yeah. that’s great. >> today, we are continuing to enjoy foods that aren’t always traditionally healthy. >> yeah. we are doing magic on fast food and making it healthy. >> terrific. >> we made chicken fingers earlier. now, we are going to do fries at home. i call them italian fries. if you wanted plain, you can do that. leave the italian seasonings off. you have a potato. i cut it so it’s got legs to stand on. go into sheets. when thinking about cutting any food, especially a vegetable or fruit, think sheets and sticks. there’s sheets. then sticks. that’s how you get your fry cuts. it’s nice to have those little trick



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