INSTY – Annessa’s Healthy Chicken Nuggets

Annessa is in for Traci and in the kitchen showing how to make healthy chicken nuggets.
beautiful, always by design. i was just asking if i had sprinkles in m teeth. sorry about that. >> getting your daily doze of calcium. we are going to cancel it out. >> all right. you are going to focus on people love fast food, but — >> but. people love chicken fingers, chicken nuggets. they have 17 grams of fat. fries, 440 calories. to give you an idea of what an exchange would be, you know, wendy’s small chili, which is healthy, you can eat two of those for the amount of calories in a fry. >> oh, no. >> yeah, just to give you an idea. the chicken fingers and fries we are making today, chicken 150 calories, fries 100 and one gram of fat. >> you can make it taste just as good but healthier for us. and for the kids. >> for the kids, absolutely. a lot of times, they are the ones eating chicken fingers, fries and things like that. here is what you do. >> okay. >> this is a good way to str



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