INSTY – Annessa Talks About Salt

Annessa is in to talk about salt and sodium intake.
yeah. >> is this pass fail? >> yes, it is. okay. >> i thought it would be good because in the news. next few years, lower sodium and healthy strategies. so sodium, is it good? bad? that’s what we’ll talk about today. when we think about saul, it is interesting. you take a flammable metal, poisonous goes and put them together, and we create — interesting how it works. >> yeah. >> and it not only plays an important role in our health but history. you guys probably heard the term, he is worth his saul. >> yes. >> do you know where that comes from? >> i might be able to stumble on it. >> salt is celery. >> that is where we get the word, roman soldiers get paid in salt. isn’t that interesting? >> wow. prerefrigeration, that is how they kept food. >> that is how they kept it and flavored it. salt is always, saul of the earth. it is referring to something positive much and it is actually an in



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