INSTY- Annessa Makes Fries

Annessa makes squash fries.
dallas. >> our kitchen was designed by kitchens by design, always beautiful, always by design. anessa, where have you been? >> i’ve been all over. i’ve been if houston, now i’m back. houston is another country. >> well, a country within a country. >> yeah. that’s right. did you buy a cowboy hat? >> no, i did not. >> but you’re here now. >> i’m here and i’ve got about five minutes to make us a quick, easy, autumn meal. all we’re going to do is sear our chicken. i like to kind of pound these out a little bit to make them a little flat and cook faster. we’ll get four of those going. we’ll let those hang out while we do butternut squash. these are so easy. >> i know you’ve got one. >> but not as a fry. >> it’s easier than a carrot to peel. to me, this is kind of an intimidating veggie because it take as while to cook, but it’s always delicious. >> with a larger thing to hang on to — >> yeah



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