INSTY-Annessa & Granola

Annessa shows a guest how to make homemade granola
>>> i’m nancy from kitchens by design. always beautiful always by design. we congratulate and celebrate their 100th episode. >> yes, we do. and we appreciate youor letting us use and abuse this wonderful set up. annessa is with us. >> i have stephanie weaver with us. you are a loyal viewer, right? >> yeah. i record it every day, just in case i miss it. i have kids at home. >> that’s loyal. really, really, really. >> thank you. >> the cooking segme cooking segmegments, annessa, especially. >> it’s my favorite part. >> ahh, thanks. we are excited to have you on. this morning, we are going to make a granola parfait. we’re going to show how easy it is to make it. this is a cranberry orange. measure two cups of oats. granola is expensive at the store, but it’s easy and cheap to make at home. >> and better for you. we have had this conversation many times in terms of somebody slaps granola on



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