INSTY – Annessa Chumbly

Annessa Chumbly makes healthy monkey muffins.
>> andi: our kitchen was designed by kin by designs. always beautiful, always by design. >> tracy: are a little videotape day. >> andi: thanks, tracy. >> tracy: times two, yellow, you’re not waiting for spring, cheer, it’s a state of mind. >> that’s right. it is. that’s why i wore it. i’m so ready for spring. the weather not delivering it makes me upset. >> tracy: i’m an emotional eater, when things like that happen sometimes. >> guess get depressed. eat your feelings. if you’re a busy parent, i know what that means. parent means busy. >> tracy: it should, if not. >> yeah, we’re fulling ourselves. grab one of these hostess mini banana muffin. the first ingredient is sugar. i hate to say that i was slightly impressed with the little debby ones because the first ingredient was banana puree. it still had a lot of sugar in it but it was one step closer. if you go to a cafe and get a muffin a



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