INSTY- Annessa Chumbley

Heathly options at the grocery store.
>>> i’m in the kitchen but we’re not cooking. you cooked up a plan to help us when we’re stocking, fulfilling our needs in the kitchen, in the pantry. >> when we’re out grocery shopping, like once a month i’m going to do a virtual grocery tour down each aisle. i’ve got six tips today. >> great. >> first is shop with a grocery map. this is my own little creation. have you seen this before? >> no, i have not. >> this thing will lengthen your life because it destresses you. how stressful is the grocery. it’s a grocery map and just put the things you need in the aisle they belong, that may you never back track yourself. so you’ve got everything right there. so the less time you spend in the grocery, the less money you’re going to spend. i don’t know how many times i’ve been standing up in the check outline and wonder how mad the guy will be if i dart back to the peanut butter aisle. >> groce



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