INSTY- Annessa

Annessa makes heathy bars.
why? they’re cookies? >> they’re cookies, technically. they’re moist and delicious. >> why not, because they’re not bar shapeed? >> i don’t technically like to call this a cokie. these are more hearty. >> you’re making it, so they’re good for you. >> this is going to be healthy. this is for like the thanksgiving athlete. >> an energy dolop. >> that’s right. i want to give everything a tip for thanksgiving day. stuff your turkey, not your tummy. nobody is going to do that really. nobody is going to do that. it’s about moderation on thanksgiving day. here is another way for us to be thankful, and that is to make a thanksgiving treat. i am not crafty at all. a friend of mine did that, but you can get stick from outside and then have your kids trace leaves with their hands and write things that they’re thankful for and put them on the tree. >> that’s good. >> that’s another way to celebrate,



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