INSTY- Anessa’s Fair Food!

Annessa goes out in search of HEALTHILY fair food!
>>> “indy style” here live at the indiana state fair. annessa chumbley. spitting watermelon seeds. that was good tv. >> she did well. ten feet. >> you have to loosen up a little bit. she’s making rounds and thinking culinarily in terms of making things healthier, substitutions and things like that cht at the indiana state fair, can you do that? >> good luck getting something low calorie or low fat. she did it. do it with a little more health consciousness. >> fat is flavor oftentimes. >> good morning, “indy style.” there are two ways to attack the state fair. first, you can consume more calories in two hours than you would in five days or come on an adventure with me as i look for health food hunts. if you chose option one, this is my segment and health food it is and you are coming along. i am at the farmer’s market cafe. you can stop and get a fresh grilled chicken tossed salad and fre



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