INSTY – American Dairy Association’s Ice Cream Social

Jennie Kerrigan from the American Dairy Association is in to talk about their up coming ice cream social.
>>> welcome back. we are here with jenny. boy, you are the lady of the hour, let me tell you. >> i know, everyone likes you if you bring ice cream. we are going learn a little bit about scooping. this is for our ice cream social on friday, downtown indy. >> right on the circle, right? >> okay. we have been doing this a long time. you can feel good about eating ice cream. all the proceeds go to marlon jackson’s fight for life foundation. it goes to underprivileged children that work on their life skills and work on their goals for life and help them achieve them. >> great. >> what numbers has it brought in before? big dollar amounts? >> pretty much. last year, we sold 2700 sundaes. it’s $3 for a sundae is the recommended donation. >> you have celebrities come in and do the scooping. >> we do. we have over 30 celebrity scoopers. boomer will be there scooping. >> boomer! >> i know. >> you a



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