INSTY- A Viewer And The Cooks

A couple talks about the cooking segments.
>> and stress what had is safe in the kitchen or not. >> we have done it with chef joseph. you did some. got involved in science with us last week. >> yeah, we did molecular gastronomy, i guess they had say. this is what i created this morning. >> you were here early. >> it’s amazing what you can do with science these days. >> chef brandon, you spend time with us, but we don’t know much about you. you work for the academy and work. there’s got to be more to chef joseph than that. >> there is. i have a lovely wife with three beautiful children. i enjoy time with them. other than work, i spend my free time with them. >> thanks for being here and thanks for watching. this is a great opportunity. when you are watching cooking segments, you may have a question or concern or what were you thinking. you can talk to the tv. is there anything you want to know about cooking or the chef’s academy o



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