INSTY: 240 Sweet Makes Marshmallow Treats

Alexa Lemley, Executive Chef and Samantha Aulick, sales manager of 240 Sweet talks about how they turned their catering business into a unique marshmallow business
>> we wand to remind you that our beautiful kitchen is by kitchens by design. always beautiful, always by design. joining us now are two ladies that are not short of style. how are you doing? >> we are great. >> not as exciting as weird to have you here. we have been talk about this all week. it’s 240 sweet. you started off catering. >> we started to look for something to give to our clients as gifts. we found a martha stewart recipe for marshmallows. we started playing with that. they are fantastic. >> you use it as a basis and obviously over the last — how long have you been doing this? >> about two years. >> how did the process evolve and develop — we’re going to take this recipe — you start throwing things in? >> that’s right. >> you had any bad recipe? >> no kitchen explosions. how did it work? >> anything that you can’t reveal. >> no, you can do it at home. >> they start with ge



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