INSTY- 1st Place Cake

1st place cake at the fair!
andi, chocolate. chocolate. >> that’s right. i want to introduce you to a lady that is going to be my new best friend. mary alice collins. she took first place at the ghirardelli competition. >> it has what you put in a cake, the flour, baking powder, milk. the things i have put in this is mack dame ya nuts and fresh peaches and coconut flavoring. we frosted it with a butter cream frosting and put actually toasted nuts and coconut on the top of this. >> so, i can say i’m the biggest fan of your work and i haven’t even tasted it. there’s uniqueness, though,hat you had to do. oh, you just turned this on. there’s something speck you were telling me. >> when you do a cake, you want to make sure when you beat your butter and your sugar, do it gradually. it helps your cake not be crusted on top. if you beat it ahead of time, i already beat the butter alittle ahead of time. i added the rest of



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