Chef Tony from the Chef’s Academy prepares Easter dinner.
>> our beautiful kitchen is provided by kitchens by design, always beautiful, always by design. >> joining us is chef tony. good morning to you. >> how are you doing? >> you are preparing an easter dinner and we’re starting wi — looks like a leg of lamb >> this is a boneless leg of lamb. we’ll stuff it with rosemary and salt, tie it up and get it ready for the oven. i’ve taken the garlic toast and we’ll just smash it. what that does is cracks a little bit and it will release some oils. >> i can smell it. >> we’re just going to bury it in here and i’ve already put some in there. we’re just going to salt the insi. this is where the leg was. this is a local lamb from east side of indianapolis, viking lamb. i’ve been using his lamb for years. >> why is it on easter that we oftentimes do cook lamb? >> they lamb in january and february. that’s when the birthing is. then lamb versus mutton, la



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