Inside Out Chicken!

Chef Tom shows us how to make simple yet delicious inside out chicken.
. >> our very own chef tom back from his national tv day imiew. >> tell us, quick, because we feel like we discovered you. >> you d. >> where have you been. >> i have been in minneapolis. >> my home state. >> i didn’t know that. >> yeah. i was up there working on one of those shop at home tv channels doing cooking this. in fact, signed a contract, i will be there a lot more, but only on times that i am not competing with the daily dish or gtu. >> that’s fine. we claim you. you’re making chicken today which show you what this is. >> here’s –. >> valentine’s day perfect. >> it’s the perfect valentine’s day. when the breast comes off the chicken, it looks kind of like this. which if you will notice, it’s in the shape of a heart. what more says valentines than starting with raw chicken. >> as long as you touch it and i don’t. >> i’m a big fan of chicken parmesan, i thought it would be somet



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