Inside Look – The Business Of Women’s Golf

Tee’ing Off at Olympics – Interview with Former LPGA Champion Annika Sorenstam (Bloomberg News)
golf. exceptional young female athletes will be honored tomorrow. annika sorenstam is the first player in the lpga to cross the $20 million mark in earnings. she has been involved in numerous projects. wine, fragrances, clothing — you are going off in businesses besides golf. golf is coming into the olympics. how exciting is this for you? >> i think it is great for the game of golf. by opening it up and the olympics, it will give an opportunity to other people in the world to play golf. >> it can’t really come soon enough for the lpga because they have lost sponsorships, tournaments, and their ceo. what is going on with the lady’s torch? >> right now, they are looking for a new leader. they are interviewing for a commissioner as we speak. they are looking for some guidelines. we have some great fans and sponsors. despite the economic difficulties, we have some companies that are still s



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