Inside Look – Is Dining Out “In” Again?

Future of the Restaurant Industry – Interview with Restaurateur Donatella Arpaia (Taking Stock)
bloomberg. i am pimm fox. leggett — my guest has seen the good times and bad times in the restaurant business. eos in miami. how is the business right now? >> add has been a tough year ever since october. ever since the falling off the cliff. it has been tough. in the past month, restaurants always brace themselves for august and it has been so bad we do not have any questions so now we have august. i see all little light. >> is that because people have no money? new yorkers do not cut. >> we do not cut. it is a combination. people are not traveling as much because of money. new yorkers are tired because — of staying in and being afraid and maybe there is a better way of operating in this economy. people want to go out to eat. >> talk about the business right now. >> what is the detail? are you noticing a trend? >> i think people drink in a bad economy. more so. >> is the front doing b



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