Inside Look: Breaking Bread With Buffett

Live! From Smith & Wollensky – Interview with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett: Concerned About Stagflation; Will Host Fundraiser for Obama Next Month; Won’t Comment on ImBev Offer for Bud;
how much would you pay to have lunch with warren buffett? two money managers paid it, they and six companions dined with him as part of his annual auction to raise money for charity. warren buffett is joined by joshua bolten at smith & wollensky in midtown manhattan. >> we are here at smith & wollensky with mr. warren buffett. >> my pleasure. > your guests paid over $650,000 for an opportunity for a long lunch, $200,000 an hour — why did you choose to donate this afternoon and so publicly? > there is a fellow and san francisco named cecil williams who in the early 1960’s he went to a dying inner-city church, he was a young, black minister, he worked starting with nothing and he basically built one of the great organizations i obscene for helping people who are really down and out. if i can help — they both, incidentally, they have seen what the organization does, and it takes people wh



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