Inside Look At Ramsay’s New ‘Master Chef’

Chef Gordon Ramsey is ready to take on a new challenge… discovering and mentoring amateur chefs. The Rhode Show takes an inside look at Ramsay’s new cooking game, “Master Chef”.
All right. Remember last week when we had hell’s kitchen finalist, jay santos, cook on “the rhode show”? The new winner of season seven was named by chef gordon ramsey and unfortunately, it was jay’s exceptor, holly,ll leaving jay runnerup. So congratulations to jay.nnIn the meantime, chefe, g ordon ramsey is ready to take on a new challenge, discovering andng mentoring amateur chefs. Courtney friole takes an inside look at ramsey’s new cooking game, master chef.nnCook delicious. Nice.nnAs season sevenea of s hell’s kitchen wraps up, things are just getting started on chef gordon ramsey’s new culinary talent search, master chef.nnOur kitchen is about unearthing raw talent. That’s not even a trained chef, but the standards are incredible and foran me, not just giving them the chance for the first time to mentor them, but to see that level of passion from a natural ability, it’s quite refr



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