Inn At Villa Bianca

The Inn at Villa Bianca will make your event memorable
bianca in seymour has the perfect combination to make your wedding or special ocasion a memorable one…. from their idyllic setting.. to their delicous meals and ic exceptional ceservice…you’ll leave with the full “villa bianca experience.”xpi’m back with the executive chef.. and c owner tony mavuli tony… today you’re going to share ng your recipe for marinated lamp chops….let’s get started.. ta ( you offer dinner samplings every month? it’s a five course sit down dinner and wine tasting…how much does it cost? starting september 27t youre offering family style prochetta dinners tell us about that each month you also always have themed luncheon..tell us luabout the rock and roll party with th elvis? if you want to try this recipe for yourself you can check out the inn a villa bianca in seymour….all the information is on the screen… or just come to our website and we’ll have t



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