Infused Catering – 7/17/17

Infused Catering – 7/17/17
[?] >> tom: and welcome back! look who’s here, jill. how are things going at infused catering? >> guest: they’re going so good. how about you guys? >> tom: i hope so. >> jeremy: are you having a busy summer? >> guest: we’re having a busy summer. i need to make a shout-out to my staff. i come on here and say things about infused catering and about my food, but i don’t think i ever say anything about my staff. i have an amazing staff! i mean brie and my daughter reagan, who is washingish ds today at the kitchen. they’re just rock stars. >> jeremy: do they all work as hard as you? >> guest: yes, yes, yes! >> jeremy: we love them. >> guest: there’s no i in team. we bend over backwards all the time. infused catering is what it is today because of everybody. you know. >> jeremy: that’s awesome. >> guest: i had to say that. >> tom: you steer the ship. but unless people are working it, it goes n



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