INDTY- James Rippe

Dr. James Rippe from the University of Central Flordia talks about the difference between sugar and corn syrup.
>> and welcome back. we’re going to talk a little bit between the difference between sugar and corn syrup and if there really is a difference. joining me is dr. rippe as soon as heops up in the monitor. dr. rippe — there he is. how are you today? >> i’m good, andi, how are you? >> great. let’s dispel some of these myths aboutugar versus high friewks to — friewcts to — fructose corn syrup. >> the biggest myth, table sugar which is sucrose, they’re identical. both are sugars made up of two simple sugars, in roughly equal proportions about 50/50. the biggest myth about high fructose corn syrup it is different. it was developed to be a replacement for sugar. the same sweetness, the same number of calories, has the same effects on the body. there is complete agreement in the scientific community about that. >> why are some companies then kind of almost doing an advertising campaign saying



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