INDTY-Chef Tony

Chef Tony makes Eggs Benedict for Father’s day.
>>> always beautiful, always by design, that’s our kitchen, thanks to kitchens by design. randy ollis already drooling over the smells coming from the kitchen with chef tony. how are you? >> doing good. >> it smells very goodn here already. >> giving the blender a workout already today. >> yes. i went to talk to some of the chefs, the father chefs anyway, and said, you know, do you have somebody to cook your breakfast for father’s day, what would you like. i got fritatta but mainly eggs benedict, which is great because it’s something that is kind of intimidating, but i’m going to take the hollandaise is the hard part and i’ll take the intimidation out of it. the first thing you have to do is clarify the butter. so what i did is i took three pounds of butter and brought that to a simmer. and what you really want to do as it simmers, you just skim the impurities off of it, which is this. w



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