Indoor Grilling

Indoor grilling
and the city” movie? >>> we’re on the cusp of memorial day wekend. finally that means grilling. come on into the kitchen with me and food dude, kevin roberts. cookbook author and tv chef, kevin robbers, sure loves his grill, and really what man doesn’t? >> whether we’re indoors for outdoors, we are griling. it’s time to grill. >> we’re doing some indoor today. what are we making? >> first we’re going to start off with some super-easy chicken marinade. it’s ranch dressing for the creaminess, brown sugar for the sweetness, and we’re going to go — now you, asked for the spicy. >> i like spicy. >> it’s a little spicy tanginess. >> so as much as i want. >> of course. that’s basically going to marinate. you’re going to marinate it 30 minutes in the fridge and then throw it on the grill when you’re ready to rock and rol. >> your recipes are so easy. >> throw it on the gril. we’re ready to rock



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