In Your Corner: Beef Recall

Nearly 400-thousand pounds of Roundy’s beef products have been pulled from the shelves because they might be contaminated with e-coli.
your corner” tonight … with an important “beef recall.” nearly 400- thousand pounds.. of “roundy’s” beef products.. have been pulled from the shelves… because they might be contaminated .. with “e-coli.” reporter “rachel stockman”.. is live.. in our “green bay newsroom”… with what you need to know. we are learning tonight, that wisconsin and michigan appear to be the harded hit by this suspected ecoli contamination.. 23 people have become .. some of them right here in wisconsin. from semi trucks in colorado …all the way to store shelves in wisconsin… possible tainted fresh ground beef may have made it to pick ‘n save or copps grocery stores right here in northeastn wisconsin: if you still have the label.. the recalled beef has a “use or freeze by date” between april 25, 2009 to may 30th .. and that is worrying some bcause six people in wisconsin have gotten sick due..to possibl



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