In The Kitchen With Providence Oyster Bar

Providence Oyster Bar cooks up BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Black Cherry Chutney.
ben, i have raw oysters inn here. you should not come in here. ed, ofed providencevi oyster bar. how are you? i see a lobster over there, shrimp thehere and morehe shrimp over there. explain to us and — someso scallops. psno shrimp. >> we have barbecue bacon wrapped shrimp, soo it’s shrimp wrappe d in bacon, skew ered on rose parry and served withth a dark chutney cherry. ey >> what areha some of these ingredients over here. >> mr.>> skwrao: mustard seeds, demi gloss, this is all going into the chutney. >> do you cook the shrimp first and add the ingredients or does this all go at once? o >> mostly the ingredients go in g at once and reduce a little bit. the shrimp are seared separate se live. >> you have to excus ye me. i have a lobster l holding a for hk. do you see that? no, we can’t see that. i’m going to pick it up ed, how do you like that? a lobster holding a fork. f i need an ing



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