In The Kitchen With Fleming’s

Great steaks on the grill.
i believe we’re going to be heading outside righadt now, because patrick is on the grill. >> i’m just wiping away the drool on my face with mike from flemings, rick, one of our best photographers in the business,he can you pan over to me, down, down, down. oh my goodness. mike. you’re going to tell usng how to grill, what togr grill, what twe should be grilling, shouldn’t be grilling. what have we got going on? >> we have a lot>> going on. i brought a little bit of everything. i essentially broughten the whole t cow. we’re talking about grilling and it’s national grilling month, wewe decide today bring you a little bit ofof everything we could steakwise and meatwanise up at thehe restaurant and we have everything from strips toribios to prime chuck burgers to fillets, to pork chops, you name it, we’ve got it. we’re going to have a little ba it of everything today for you guys. >> you’re



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