In The Kitchen Round Round Burger

In the Kitchen Round Round Burger
are cooking a burger. not just anyst buer, but a round round rhode islandsl burger. is that right? >> that’s right. the rhode island rouodnd i burger. >> and it’s a patent pending burger, not just any burger. >> look out. here i come. >> what have we got here? >> what we have here isre your basicsi hamburger patty and what a at i’m gointo do is cut outt the center of them, but in order to save time, veenergy and money inon the kit ken, we’re goingng to saver the centerssa putnt them in a separate bowl apand create meatat balls out ofba thaout. so now that you have the centers gone, you’re goinggo to fill them with yourou vegetables. i happened to choose onions, peppers, andan mushrooms today. t so for the dressing of the bun, we’re going to mix a combination ti of mayo, can he tell church, and — ketchup and a littlee bit ofof hot red pepper. >> hot red>> pepper. so it has a little spice



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