In The Kitchen: Pulled Pork Sandwiches/Cucumber Salad

In the Kitchen: Pulled Pork Sandwiches/Cucumber Salad
it morning, making some pulled pork sandwiches. i have always wonder how to do this, because i love going out and getting the pulled pork sandwiches, but i wanted to do it at home. >> you can do it at home, it is a lengthy process, starting with the overnight brine and getting on your smoker or your grill for an hour of and a half, two hours. your finished product should be the pulled pork with your finish presentation. it’s definitely something you can do at home. >> this is something you can preplan. >> definitely. definitely something you want to do two days ead of time, keep it in your ice box, refrigerator, because it’s a pulled product, for a few days. >> i’m going to make grape tomatoes, english cucumber, lemon juice, olive oil. >> extra virgin olive oil. >> i’m going to start mixing that up. >> vince is actually going to jump in here, and we had a little bit of carmelizeed onions



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