In The Kitchen Pasta Macchiata

Pasta Macchiata from Camille’s on The Hill.
welcome back to “the rhode show” everybody. here with us today, of course you know the gentleman to my far left, joe zitto, tv’s made — maitre d’. >> it’s always great to see you. >> we have a fantastic dish today. we have a dish i can’t pronounce, but i know it’s going to be fantastic. >> what is it. >> pasta macchiata del vino rosso, red stained pasta and this is made with a wonderful zinfandel wine. >> you tell me what i need to do, because i’m prepared. i’m prepared for battle. >> you’re going to pull that wine right in here. >> pour it in? >> the whole bottle. joe, you’re going to drop that whole pound of pasta. >> now just in case people at home are worried about getting a little buzz off this, the alcohol burns off, is that correct? >> about 80% of it. it’s kind of a fallacy to think that it all will burn out. >> you’re not going to walk away wobbling. >> you’re not going to feel



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