In The Kitchen: Paglia E Fieno

Today on the Rhode Show we’re making a delicious Fettuccine dish with Chef John Granata from Camille’s and TV Maitre ‘D Joe Zito.
wpri.com. >> we are in “the rhode show” kitchen this morning. we wanted to join in on the fun with 5k as the winner. >> is he relate to 50 current? >> great uncle, about 5,000 times removed. >> we are using two different kinds of fettuccine, a spinach and an egg. straw bean the hay. this is great for the spring, we’re going to get rid of that ham that we had at easter. >> there’s been a lot of ham around the house. >> we’re going to dice that ham up. some mushrooms and nice spring peas. we’re going to put some butter and cream in it like an alfredo style and bring it out with a little limit of nutmeg. you’re going to love this june can we get this any supermarket? >> you can get this any supermarket. >> the real fresh, home mailed looks fantastic and smells great, too. >> right up on the hill you can buy that. >> cob up our ham in cubes. >> or julienne it, do whatever you want with it. >



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