In The Kitchen On The Rhode Show

In the Kitchen on The Rhode Show
rodizio steakhouse. tell us about what we’re making today. it smells and looks fantastic. >> a great dish for lenten. >> perfect. all sea food. i started by steaming the little necks open in a little bit of olive oil, garlic, onion, add a little salt and pepper and white wine to seem them open. when they began to steam i added jumbo sea scallops and shrimp. if you wanted lobster in this you could, mussels or whatever you could. >> potpourri of sea food. >> whatever is fresh and you have that morning. i let that cook a little longer. as i’m doing that though i’m going to begin with the second part of the dish which is the scrod. i’m got a nice scrod fillet here, very fresh. >> something you can pick up art the supermarket fish market. >> or you can use salmon or something else. this is a basic, nice, general recipe. anything can be substituted. we put the scrod in a baking upon, squeeze l



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